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The Beginning of a New Adventure,
Undecember Season 2
Check out a more exceptional Undecember with Season 2
Season 2 of Undecember Begins
Enjoy the new content with the newly added
Hardcore / Origin modes.
Act 13 Hira
Hira, the tourist nation covered in clouds and mist.
Experience a new story and relations set in Mount Ineps, the hideout of the Zodiac Master, and encounter unique monsters firsthand.
Illusion Dungeon
The new seasonal content,
Illusion Dungeon will be added.
Challenge powerful illusion monsters and complete the Lacrima doll.
ACT 13 Hira New Boss
Meet the new and stronger boss

Praying Hand Shadow

After you arrived at Mount Ineps in search of the Zodiac Master, you discover some mysterious statues.

And the shadow of these statues
slowly tries to engulf you…

The Head of Soi

In the aftermath of the Zodiac War that occurred in the past, the land had become contaminated, and Traum experienced an unprecedented famine.

It is said that during that time, manhunters emerged and hunted down fellow humans using the power of runes.


Canna had defied Zid's order to assassinate you. In what appears to be an act of retribution, the Knights of Arkras appeared in Mount Ineps…

They will not hesitate to use any means necessary to achieve their goals.


One of the key figures of the Knights of Arkras who was raised with Canna as a sibling.

He is ready to live and die for Arkras.

Face of Distortion

The tale of the smiling mask is one of the folklore in Traum. Through the story of a man who wore a mask and danced to conceal his sadness, it aims to target the loneliness that we all carry within us.

World's Order

If the order of this world were perfectly arranged by someone, would you be able to accept the order created by them, or would you establish your new order?

New Updates
Check out the main content updates

New Skill / Link Rune / Zodiac

Awakening effect change for skill runes,
2 new types of skill runes and 7 new link runes added!
Changes and addition to specialization zodiac!

Hardcore / Origin Modes

Hardcore mode limits character access after their death, providing maximum thrill and tension for experienced rune hunters. Origin mode is specialized for farming and enchants are simplified. Enjoy and obtain exclusive rewards from the special modes.


Zodiac master, Ilya's secret plan, Lacrima!
Another self created from the power of the mist,
Find the power to fend off the evil through Lacrima.

Charm Slot Upgrade

The star fuse researcher Akael has developed a technology that can raise the stone, containing the power of the 12 gods and charms to their limit.

Guild Raid

Guild Raid added!
Face off against powerful boss monsters of Undecember.
Enjoy a more exhilarating Undecember with your guild.


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